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TokyoOfflineParty3 English information

Tokyo Offline Party 3 General Announcement

We’ve solidified most of our plans for Tokyo Offline Party 3, 
so we’d like to share the info with you now.

This time, we want to capture the atmosphere of a summer festival, 
and we hope everyone will enjoy it. We will have a casual match corner, 
merchandise booths, and even raffles! 

It is free to enter, and we want everyone, including newcomers, to join us! 

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◆Date: September 19th, 2016 (Monday, National Holiday)
(This is the day after Tokyo Gameshow 2016, so if you’re traveling to TGS, please stop by!)

◆Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm 
(doors open at 10am)

This event will be streamed on the MomoChoco twitch channel. 

◆Entry Fee: FREE

◆Location: Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal Hall
 Address: 104-0053 Tokyo, Chuo Ku, Harumi 5-7-1

English info page with bus info:

You can ride the bus from Tokyo Station Marunouchi south exit, 
in front of Yurakucho station, or from Ginza Yonchome. 
Take the #5 bus headed towards Harumi Terminal. 
(You can also ride from Kachidoki station, 
but the bus stop is a 15 minute walk from Kachidoki station.)

If you are coming by car, there is parking available for 1000 yen, all day parking. 

Here is info for the parking lot (Japanese):


<Event Info>

Street Fighter V Special rules 3v3 Tournament

Entry Form: 
(Cutoff Date: 9/11, 11:59 pm) 
If you can't understand Japanese, please mail it here(

To enter, your team must fit under one off the following six categories. 
You can also enter with just two people, or as a single person. 
We will match single players with appropriate teams, 
so please sign up even if you don’t have a team prepared.

All team members are in their teens
All team members are in their early twenties (20-24)
All team members are in their late twenties (25-29)
All team members are in their early 30s (30-34)
All team members are 35 and up
All team members are the same character

Female players may join any team, regardless of age or character.


▼Free Play Machines
There will be free play machines with various rules assigned to them such as winner stays, 
or skill level separation based on online LP.
(The general rule on most machines is a first to 2 set) 


▼Kumite Event
We are planning a Kumite event featuring Momochi, K-brad and other famous players. 
We do not have a definite player schedule, 
but we will announce at the event when a player is available. 
Please join us!


▼Present raffle!
Participants who fill out a survey will be entered into raffle!

Some present examples:

-DXRacer Gaming chair
The same chair used by Momochi and Choco during their twitch broadcasts.

-Evo2016 PS4 faceplate.
These exclusive PS4 faceplates were bought as souvenirs by Momochi and Choco. 

-Monster Energy and Twitch goods
Clothing and other items provided by Monster and Twitch, who are sponsoring the event. 


▼Free Monster Energy Drink Corner
 (1 per customer, first come, first served while supplies last)

Come get free Monster from the Monster girls! 
No better way to beat the summer heat and get an extra boost of energy!
m-e▼Welcome, Game Cosplayers

We welcome Cosplayers who are cosplaying game related characters! 
A changing room will be available for women. 
(The locker room will be available from 11am to 5pm) 
Cosplay related rules and precautions can be found here (Japanese)でのコスプレ注意事項/


Spectators and Cosplayers who aren’t participating in games are welcome to join! 
In that case, you do not need to fill out an entry form. 

<Special Corner>

▼Hearthstone Corner (from 1:00pm to 5:00pm)
Momochi and Choco have been playing Hearthstone lately, 
so we’re making a space for Hearthstone players as well!

<Event info>
Battle Corner
Restricted Rules Tournament
Top Player Advice Corner
Advice for Beginning Players corner

-We will give out stamp cards for the battle corner.
Get a stamp every time you play a match against someone!
Get 3 stamps and get a participation present.
Get 6 stamps to be entered in a present raffle!

Top Players participating in Top Player Advice Corner:
Amano Satoshi, Koroneko, Kuroebi, Arusu
Ask them Troubleshooting questions, consult them about your deck, guided battling, etc.

Restricted Rules Tournament: The rule for the tournament is “Rare and above are banned”.
 Please build a deck of basic and common cards if you wish to participate in the tournament.

This event takes place at the same time as the SFV event, 
so Hearthstone players are welcome to come spectate. 
If you’ve never seen a fighting game tournament before, please join us!

If you are also playing SFV, there is no additional sign in required, 
but those who wish to participate in Hearthstone only must sign up here: 

(space is limited, so Hearthstone participation comes on a first come first served basis) 


▼Shinobism Goods Corner

We will be selling Shinobism goods! 
There are two smartphone case designs as well as one t-shirt design. 
We’ll also have some Evil Geniuses apparel. 
(The same that Momochi wore for Topanga TV). Come check it out!
The white design is done by ‘Ban-8ku”

▼Kazuya Kutsuki Corner
Kazusa Kutsuki, the author of the manga “Totsugeki, Tonari no Pro Gamer” is coming to TOP3!
She will be selling his books, as well as the pro gamer stickers and that were sold during Evo. 
This is the first time his Pro Gamer stickers and posters will be made available in Japan!

▼DX Racer Corner
dxracer-imgダウンロード (3)
The DX Race Chair, which is also being offered as a raffle prize, 
will be available for people to try out. 
If you have been considering buying one, please stop by and see how it feels!


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